Serioulsy ill patient?

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  • Serioulsy ill patient?

    This person is very ill with cancer in the pituitary gland, inflammation in the jaw bone, on medication for reduced thyoride function, medicated for adrenal insufficiency and regularly use of sleeping tablets. She suffers from fatigue and very much ibalances in health. I expected worse results from her HRV measurment. Is her body still able to regenerate, or can the medications she is on affect the measurment? What do you think is the most important she can do for herself out of the HRV analysis?

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    Indeed, that´s an astonishing HRV in the context of her illness.
    Yet it is a matter of fact, that her autonomous nervous system works really good and she regulates up and down excellent.
    There are two findings: Both, her reserves (VLF) and here economy (HF) are all right and the medication works well, otherwise she would not perform like she does.
    I´d recommend her to be happy about the results (which can´t lie) and live hopeful based on the resources she undoubtedly has.
    May I ask you to set the activities as they really were, about two hours back to the start of the measurement. Just adjust them to the pulse curve of sleep time.

    Best regards,
    the Autonom Health Team


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      Thank you for the answere, I was unsure if I had gotten it right... because I was very suprised as well.
      The activities are loged right, according to the client. In the morning she took her medication and went to bed again, I guess that's why the pulse curve increases in the morning. In the evening I have recommended her to go to bed earlier, because her body has this incredible ability to go into parasympatetic mode and she can make the most out of this by adjusting her bed time.
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