How reliable are results?

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  • How reliable are results?

    The person has heart arrhythmia, diabetes mellitus, neuropathy and angina pectoris.
    Among medication he's using are: hyzaar, sorvasta, ormidol, xanax, glurenorm,...
    I'd like to know how reliable are results in this case, since so many different factors influence heart rate and variability.

    As well as during sleep, was the strong flame an acute phase of arrhythmia which is followed by higher heart rate and lower HRV as result of the burden on the heart during arrhythmia?

    Thank you for your insight and help

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    Measurements in people over 70 should always be viewed with caution, with regard to the ECG quality.
    Nevertheless, the measurement can be assessed, even if it is positively falsified. Presumably due to extrasystoles, but more precise information is visible in the HRVmed. Especially between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., cardiac arrhythmias are more common, recognizable here by the high flames and the wider pulse curve. This period could be excluded manually via "Edit activities", then the result would certainly be more accurate.
    The positive result is influenced less by the medication than by the cardiac arrhythmia. Nevertheless, the ability to regulate seems to be in order according to age.
    But the fact is that the heart rate is higher at night than during the day. You should take a closer look at that.


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      Autonomous Health I can follow in the argument. "Heart rate higher at night." I also see the measurement well. Even if the faults are filtered at night. The symptoms ask questions: Diabetes mellitus? Question: Type 1 or 2? and is the body weight too high? Neuropathy. Was the person immensely powerful at a young age and therefore under constant pressure? What are the sleeping habits. Lots of pillows under your head. Diving of the sternum. Constricting breathing? Possibility for a trial: During the day after a normal day, relax on a hard surface. Not dressed too warmly. Make an HRV measurement. 2nd possibility: 17 - 19 'clock Relaxed walking. If angina p. is in medical treatment, levels of stress are available. This is what a client should stick to. Or ask a doctor. Just hope that is not translated too badly. achwilli


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