Bedridden with chronic fatigue

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  • Bedridden with chronic fatigue

    I am bedridden with chronic fatigue. Do you think my measurement reflect that?

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    Hello Kristino,

    only through the measurement someone does not see that it is a diagnosed chronic fatigue - diagnosed by a doctor? - because we only see that the HRV is reduced, but not the reasons why.
    But your HRV measurement shows that your autonomic nervous system is a little bit out of whack although you also have ressources.
    You can certainly work on activating your vagus more through targeted breathing exercises. You have already recorded a few relaxation units, are you relaxing there consciously or are you exhausted during this time and thats why you are going to rest?
    What are your symptoms? What do you do for your health to improve?
    Are you being looked after by a doctor?


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