Why does my measurement look like this?

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  • Why does my measurement look like this?

    I made my first measurement and the results look better than I expected. I am 51 years old, and the result is 20??

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    Congratulations on your great result.
    Why are you surprised?
    You obviously seem to be doing something or a lot right. Your fire of life is dense, colorful and high, your sleep shows a beautiful sleep architecture including RSA, your VLF area seems to be strong - do you do strength training? But that can also depend on your constitution;
    You have a lot of potential, so you can go and activate yourself more. If you set impulses such as walking or regeneration, then your vegetative nervous system reacts well to these stimuli by increasing or decreasing the HRV.
    But don't forget about regularity and awareness- you only logged one meal.


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      Whatever you have done so far, you have done it right.
      If this is your first measurement, it would be interesting to see how it looks like when you measure for a longer time.
      The next step could be to become aware of what exactly you are doing to have such a life fire picture.
      All the best


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