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  • Effect of Qigong

    I did qigong from ca21-22. What does this measurement say about the effect on the body?
    Also how can i be so «vital» and have low age, burnout resistence etc, when everything in the sleep, regeneration etc is so low?

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    Why cant i see my measurement or the text i wrote in the post above? Do others see it?
    edit: i see the measurments on my iPhone, but not on the iPad... and the text is still gone. It should be:
    I did qigong between 21-22h, what does the measurement say of the effect of that on the body?
    And how can my health, age, burnout-resistence be so good when my lifestyle measures are so bad?
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      Hello vegard.midjo,

      we see your measurement and your text. Please tell us which iPad version you have, then our technician can check it. Maybe it needs an update.

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    Dear vegard.midjo,
    Your qigong between 21-22 was very supportive for your body. Colourful detectionen in ultra low, very low and low frequency. You could have saved it under regeneration. This would have improved your rating of 1,20.
    Your health condition is pretty good with a rating of 8,42. Your lifestyle activities on this special measurement day have the potential of change/improvement:
    I invite you for some reflections:1. Regeneration 1,20What have you been doing exactly between 17:45 – 18:15 and between 18:55 – 19:45? Both phases show exhaustion with 80 to over 110 BpM.

    2. Mental performance 2,98This approx 2h of mental performance were tiring your organism. Strong detection in ultra low, very low frequency.

    3. Eating behaviour 3,86
    The 1h eating at lunch time was stressing and tiring you. The eating after qigong were expect of a short stressful phase very supportive for your organism. You could reflect what and how had you been eating? Focused on only nutrition?

    4. Sleep 4,94
    From the over 8h sleep 77% were middle, bad, exhausting. How were feeling when you woke up? How are your sleeping circumstances?What happened between 5-6?

    You are vital and your lifestyle activities show you on this day your potential to stay at your great low age!You could consider to implement some activation activities in your daily routine to push/train your pulse to higher than 130 BpM. You are having enough reserves. And you could put an eye on the quality of your regernation phases. Detectations in the high frequency sector – over 0,15 – would activate your vagus nerv.You need some support for the next step? With pleasure  claudia.hauser@gesundheitsmanagerin.at


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      Thank you for the helpful response.
      A bit more info:
      I’m just coming out of several years of high stress, and a complete burnout period this summer, with very low energy, easy infections, extreme fatigue after physical activity, brainfog, etc.
      I’ve slowly improved, getting my mood back, sleeping better, and starting some exercise again.
      i’ve done some 4x4 intervals up to 175hr, it felt really good afterwards, but i think that was to hard, as i got very exhausted on day 2-6 after.
      Instead i’ve done some 40min spinning with 20min at 130-140hr, which seems a lot better. Also doing a lot of relaxing, and removed the stressful lifestyle.
      I’ll do a new measurement in about a week.

      But with this in mind I find it strange that my vitality is so strong with this low age and such high burnout resistence (!?) How come? Genetic or what? What exactly is it in the measurement that implicate this result?
      How do you see i have great energy reserves?
      could this Stress-burnout-backstory also explain my low regeneration and exhaustion after meals. These problems are also my subjective experience, i find it hard to really relax and my pulse increase a lot after eating. Alcohol knocks me out and wreck my sleep, and certain foods like milk-protein and beans give rashes and bad digestion.
      I’m currently doing some things for muscle relaxation (yoga, qigong, pmr, massage, stretching) and improving my HRV (6-6 coherent breathing).

      Any supportive feedback is appreciated!


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        Hello MidJoe,

        When you see your measurements, does it help you assume that you are physically better than you might expect? As Claudia writes, you are already doing a lot right, so that you will certainly benefit from it.

        It may well be possible that you are drawing on good reserves that you already had before your exhaustion phase. But of course it's hard to say without knowing yourself and your state of health beforehand.
        You write a lot about having problems with your diet - have you ever had yourself tested in this regard? I'm not sure if your health background is solely responsible for how you feel after meals. However, it has been scientifically proven that there is a great connection between the psyche and the intestines / stomach, so that an interaction here certainly cannot be ruled out. With the measurements you can, in addition to your subjective feeling, also objectively determine after which meals you feel good or bad. Observe once whether it is the processed food, your way of eating, so you eat consciously or casually, in peace or in company, etc. It all plays a role here too.


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