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    What can you tell me about my measurement?

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    Hello Anonymous,

    Your measurement looks very good in many areas, but there are also some phases in which there is potential for improvement.
    You have high power in all frequency, you have a really good sleep architecture .

    What i can see is that food/drinking stresses you. You can see that because the pulse increases, the fire of life becomes full of holes and the performance bar turns red. Whether it was the diet, the food, or everything around it, it's hard to say. But even after that, your organism needs a while before it has more energy again. And you won't get back to the level you had before you ate here.

    Your sport looks good. After the stimulus, your heart rate increases, and after the end it drops again immediately, as a sign of a good training condition. After that, however, you need some time to recover and your regeneration after sport suffers as a result.

    During your mental activities it often indicates tiredness, but I can imagine that the software is reaching its limits here because your values ​​are probably extremely good compared to the daily average here. You're probably performing very well here rather than being tired.

    I would appreciate an answer on this.


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