Stressed out woman, a history of multiple depressions.

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  • Stressed out woman, a history of multiple depressions.


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    I have a few questions regarding this measurement:
    1) Why is the total power for the whole measurement not the sum of the day and night values?
    2) From the sport analysis, her NPB value is -153 (minus), how is that possible and what does that mean?


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      Ihr können im deutch antworten :-)


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        Dear unkown visitor,

        regarding the composition of the data other experts should give their feedback.

        The measurement you've posted is quite interesting. Here are some thoughts on it.

        1. Every measurement is unique by itself. We don't know what happened before and after. Thus, we have to ask questions.
        2. The view of a day has to be considered as an average of an entire week or month. The activities are related to the measured data.
        3. Are the average Bpm of a week/month the same as during this measurement?
        4. Sleep seems to be disturbed. please see the total power of day and night
        5. The woman is 'sitting' the whole night, regarding her Bpm. Her real sleep only lasts 2 Min. as for her Bpm. Maybe a deep sigh.
        6. On the other side she has no 'workload' during walking/cycling. The Bpm were in this area for 12 minutes, 19 seconds.
        7. 19 minutes of sports! Surely an excellent training and optimized if the amount of heartbeats in 24h are lowered from 114,408 Bpm to 100,000 Bpm.
        8. We are living in accelerates times. Even after waking up we have already missed most of the day. So we rush, rush, rush. The client will surely have no ears for the topic of taking time.
        9. Ask the client if it is possible for her to go for a walk for 5-6h once a week. I bet, after 3 weeks (the latest) she will sleep better for one night. There are alternatives, however, the most important fact is the impulse in a basic Bpm range (GA2) for at least 30 Minutes (see recommended Bpm training range). This is just one possibility.
        10. The key question is: Is the client ok with her role of the victim or is she willing to change some things radically?

        I would appreciate further reports. To see the measurements is just one aspect. The actual changes for the clients through our coaching are the other aspect. And this way we all can learn a lot from each other.

        Best regards from Willi and his team colleague Alex (who served as a translator in this case )


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          Hello Willi
          Thank's a lot for your answer.
          The woman was in a wery demanding job situation and she actually was sitting and working the whole night... Which was a big part of her problem - work/leisure time balance. We did the test on the last day of her former job, and she is now in a new and hopefully a lot les demanding and more balanced jobsituation, but lets se if the monkey comes a long..! I my self am looking forward to test her again in a few months to see if the job change has been worthvile. We have also been talking about physical activity and to make a shift towards short bursts of high intensity training 5-10 min coupled with a lot of low intensity training.

          Kind regards


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