Why does my measurement look like this?

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  • Why does my measurement look like this?

    After a long night sleep, she is not feeling rested at all. How come?
    Is it caused by snoring? Or are there other explanations?


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    Hello Fiona,

    thanks for your measurement. Did you see in the performance scale some suspicion for snoring?
    I think the hrv-parameters are ok for a 50-year old woman. so why doesn't she feel rested after the sleep? Ask her how she would recognize a good sleep.

    Maybe you can take a look with her on her daily activities and routines. is she happy? What is she doing every day? there are a lot of resting activities in the measurement, but the resting isn't really working. what is she doing in this time? Why is she recovering? Because she is tired or exhausted? Or is she recovering because she does not have much to do otherwise?

    The Sports seems to do her good, the puls rises, the regeneration after that works good. She could probably even work out a little more. that could in turn affect sleep.


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      Thank you for your answer and advise! Because of my holiday, I wasn't able to answer sooner. Yes, I see some snoring in her sleep, maybe this is part of the explanation why she is not feeling rested in the morning. Thank you for the questions and discussionpoints. I will discuss it with her during the consultation next month.


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