Subjective distress but apparently good vitality???

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    Hello Gast

    Thank's for your kind reply, I feel however it's a bit risky to tell a person in great subjective distress, that she is ok, because of the spectogram. Indulging in her own "suffering-history" or sickness-identity might of cause be an issue.
    I think the sun did her good, and that's a problem here in Denmark..... But I'm considering lending her my far infrared sauna.

    Kind regards

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    Hello Peter,

    subjective and objective perception can often differ. But the hrv gives you the opportunity to show her how great she feels even though she has a lot of issues.
    Did you already have the coaching? what did she say? Sometimes people look at the spectrogram and say: yes, thats right. I feel more like that.

    After her holiday she maybe has recovered. Are there some activities from her vacation, that she can do in denmark?

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  • Subjective distress but apparently good vitality???

    Hello Community
    I could really need some help to interpret this. It' a woman with following list of issues:
    - Suspected chronic fatigue syndrome
    - Chronical migraine with aura
    - Dobbelt cervical discusprolaps and some protrutions (lumbar)
    - Ehlos danlos syndrome
    - Immunodefect (to low IGG)
    - Hiatus hernia
    - Reflex dystrofi after direct injection with prednisolon in right ankel, with nervedamage.
    Considerabel worsening in global vitality and health after that incident (2009)
    She has just returned from 2 weeks holliday in southern europe with lost of sun and is experiencing considerabel less symptoms and more vitality after 2 days. Being home again in Denmark however.....
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