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  • Bad regeneration

    I have bad regeneration. What does really good regeneration look like in the lifefire?
    Any good tips to improve?
    I?m doing coherent breathing now, as often as i can (6:6). Also trying 20min power naps. I guess this helps in itself regenerating at that moment, but will it also improve my inherent regeneration-ability.


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    Hello Anonymous,

    In this exemplary measurement you will find two really good regeneration phases.


    Regarding the breathing rate: So that the RSA is actually visible or at least included in the HR, it is necessary to use a breathing rhythm in which a breathing cycle lasts a maximum of 6 seconds. I. E. Breathe in for 3 seconds and breathe out for 3 seconds. The limit of LF and HF is 0.15 Hz, and that corresponds to a duration of 6.66 seconds. If you breathe more slowly, e.g. B. 3.5 seconds on and 3.5 seconds off (= 7 seconds), then the resulting RSA slips into the LF and is added to the sympathetic nervous system. Especially with a rhythm of 5/5 = 10 seconds / cycle, as prescribed by some biofeedback companies for a so-called RSA test. If I know why the RSA is exactly where it is visible, it doesn't matter that much whether it shows up in the HF or LF.

    Coherent breathing is often visible in low frequency. In this case, your relaxation is rated worse because it is not the HF range but the LF range that increases. You can orientate yourself on the breathing techniques of yoga.

    The most effective way to train our vagus is and remains through breathing. And it is best to breathe in through your nose and not through your mouth.

    Best Regards from the Autonom Health Team


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      Thanks. (Though i cant see the measurements. Not the one i posted neither. I didnt want to post as «Anonymous» but didnt see how not to at the time, so this post isn’t registered as mine. And now i dont want to post with my email as can I change it??)

      anyway, are you saying that that slow coherent breathing is good for vagus, Even though it shows as bad because of LF?

      So coherent breathing with 6, 5, 4, 3, etc breaths per minute is good regeneration training?

      Is it better than 3s in 3s out? Or would that be better?
      And what about combinations with breath-hold? I’ve tried different pranayama-exercises and the Wim Hof-method (very relaxing, but also kind of exhausting to do), but i’m not sure what is the best method in the long run to improve parasympatikus and regeneration.

      So i do a lot of breathing-exercises now, always through the nose, and i find it more relaxing the slower it is. But is that the best way?
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        Hello vegard.midjo,

        if you want to change your email to an username, please write at, so we can change your settings. You can only post a measurement in the community with your username if you are registered in the community. You may not have been that on your first post.

        Regeneration is the combination of relaxation (reduction of the sympathetic nervous system) and recovery (activation of the parasympathetic nervous system). Something should therefore always happen in the HF range. If you have a monthly flatrate you can try whats the best for you. You could try it every now and then with a few minutes deep abdominal breathing, without a certain body position, without a certain breathing rhythm.

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      Hello MildJoe
      Regeneration also has something to do with habit. If you go to rest after a physical activity, it can happen that the body first switches into a kind of standby mode. Only when it has learned that you "always" go into the rest phase after a physical activity (I'm talking primarily about sports activities), then it will switch from standby mode to regeneration faster and faster.
      As for breathing, it is really individual. I went down to 5 breaths per minute, which showed up more as exhaustion. The moment I let my body breathe "naturally" and then transitioned into controlled breathing that matched that frequency, regeneration started. Then I was able to deepen it by slowly slowing down the breath. I lengthened the exhalation phases successively, so that in the end I exhaled twice as long as I inhaled.
      All the best


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        Hello MildJoe,

        as Autonom Health has already pointed out, coherent breathing often shows in the low frequency and is thus attributed to the sympathetic nervous system. This can lead to a lower evaluation of your regeneration. This might even be the case in your first phase of regeneration, at least during the first part of it. There you can see by the red and blue colours slightly below 0.10 HZ that there is quite some heart rate variability in this area. Do you remember if you did a breathing technique during this phase?

        Another important point to consider when it comes to your regeneration ability is that you can only really deeply relax if there are also phases where you are physically active – it is always about a balance between activation and regeneration. You need both to do both in the best possible way. How much, how often and with what intensity do you exercise? The sports activity you tracked in your measurement was mostly regenerative. Judging from this, you could defiinitely do more intensive trainings on a higher pulse level – so that you can then „swing“ back into a better and deeper mode of relaxation. So you would surely profit from more physical activities during your day.

        Best wishes!


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